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Paul Cook, quoted at, says that El Niņo "is a rather beautifully done Nativity Oratorio by John Adams, filled with his trademark dancing minimalist rhythms and tuneful melodies. The text is in Spanish, English, and Latin, and comes from both New World and Old World sources, all centering on the birth of Christ."
El Niņo by John Adams
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, Dawn Upshaw, and Willard White sing in a Nonesuch recording of El Niņo, an oratorio by John Adams.
N. K. Felge wrote in of August 31, 2001, that the "words, as sung by Lieberson, Upshaw and White, create a dense, complex narrative that is given gravitas by a score that is dramatic and inspiring in its ornamentation and aural grandeur."
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El Nino, DVD,
In his review of El Niņo for Opera News of December 2001, William R. Braun wrote of Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, "One of the most arresting artists of the day, she can be bright and feverish at the top of her range yet produce earth-mother low notes.  She is an overtly sexy singer; what she and Adams do with the line 'I was whipped by the fierce certainty of your absence' adds yet another level to the work."
Opera News of January 2002 called John Adams's "revelatory" El Niņo one "of the top titles we reviewed in 2001."
A recording of music from Purcell's Fairy Queen was released in the United States on April 9, 2002.  The conductor is Roger Norrington and the singers include Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, Howard Crook, and Mark Padmore.  The recording is available from
The Fairy Queen at
A recording of Mozart's Idomeneo with Ian Bostridge, Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, the Edinburgh Festival Chorus, and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Sir Charles Mackerras, can be ordered from and from , and from .

Gramophone of September 2002, Stanley Sadie wrote in his review of the recording:  "Idamante, originally a castrato part, is sung by a mezzo, and I can't imagine one much better than Lorraine Hunt Lieberson:  it is a lovely, focused sound, with the firm centre that a male part needs, and there are many happy details of phrasing.  She is notably successful in imparting a sense of urgency and anxiety to 'Il padre adorato' (after Idamante's abruptly curtailed reunion with his father), and she amply justifies the rare inclusion of 'No, la morte' in the sacrifice scene."

'[N]obody sings this music today better than Lorraine Hunt Lieberson," wrote T. Hashimoto in his review of the recording for the San Francisco
Examiner of October 8, 2002.
A DVD of the Paris Châtelet production of El Niņo is available from (for Europe and Japan).
Bach: Cantatas Bwv 82 And 199 / Lorraine Hunt Lieberson
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson - Mozart: Idomeneo (USA)
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson - Mozart: Idomeneo