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Singers: Simon Keenlyside

Maazel: 1984

Maazel: 1984, DVD, Release date 12 May 2008

Maazel: 1984, DVD, Dieser Artikel wird am 12. Mai 2008 erscheinen.

Maazel: 1984, DVD, Cet article paraîtra le 19 mai 2008.

Maazel: 1984, DVD, Release date 17 February 2009.


"I'm not about to go overboard in defending Maazel's music. Still, the score is well made, dramatically purposeful, vocally interesting and it holds my attention. The style is not new or original, but if Maazel's mission is to present political oppression as something that makes your skin crawl, he has succeeded. The production by Robert Lepage works. All the singers are superb, with Simon Keenlyside a complete knockout as Winston, Nancy Gustafson an opulently sung Julia and the soprano Diana Damrau a spectacular coloratura character actress."--Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

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