About Thomas Hampson
January 13, 2004

"It's my baby. I'm a Webmaster,"  says Thomas Hampson about his website
hampsong.com, as quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Most of my colleagues who have Web sites have them done by the record companies," Hampson says. "Record companies want to sell, whereas ... I'm not trying to sell anything. As a way of providing a lot of people with immediate information, there should be some place from every artist where you trust what your reading is directly from the artist and not from a recording company or a publicist."
Thomas Hampson & Susan Graham
With the BBC Symphony Orchestra
17 March 2007 / 19:30
Barbican Hall
Massenet: Werther
version de 1902 pour baryton

DVD du concert "Werther", triomphal, au Théatre du Chatelet en avril 2004 avec Thomas Hampson, Susan Graham sous la direction de Michel Plasson.


(Article en pré-commande, livraison prévue à partir du 22/5/2006.)