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Lehar:  Die Lustige Witwe, DVD
Zurich Opera

"Everyone sings splendidly, and acts with gusto, while the two leading couples -- Dagmar Schellenberger and Rodney Gilfrey [sic] as Hanna and Danilo; Ute Gfrerer and
Piotr Beczala as Valencienne and Camille -- are gorgeous and sexy to boot. Oh yes, they can dance too! With superb photography and easy-to-read English subtitles, this is one of the best ever transfers of a musical theater to the small screen. I watched it in one sitting and was sorry to see it end."--Robert Groan, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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"Baritone Rodney Gilfry's Papageno gets just about the right mix of charm and lowlife lust, and his singing is so superb, his German language so fluent and assured, that one must count this among his very best efforts ever. Really quite fine!," wrote David Gregson in a March 2002 review of a Los Angeles Opera Magic Flute performance.
Photo, Billy Budd