by Umberto Giordano
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The most famous melody in Fedora is that of the tenor aria "Amor ti vieta."

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Giordano - Fedora / Freni Domingo D. Croft Arteta Thibaudet Beppe De Tomasi Roberto Abbado (Metropolitan Opera 1997), DVD, amazon.com
"With Enrico Caruso, then at the very beginning of his career, and with Gemma Bellincioni, Fedora was presented for the first time at Milan's Teatro Lirico, on November 17, 1898, conducted by the composer.  The first night audience was hostile at the beginning:  when Giordano came into the pit, an attempt at applause was hushed.  The same cold reception was given the entrance of Gemma Bellincioni in Act I.  But, after the second act opened, the house slowly warmed to the new work and especially to the virtually new tenor. Caruso had to repeat his important (but short) aria "Amor ti vieta," and by the end of the opera, Fedora's success was assured."--William Weaver in booklet accompanying London LP album OSA 1283