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"[Dmitri] Hvorostovsky's voice, solid and extending easily up and down the scale, retains a sense of raw wildness beneath the sophistication of his artistry. It is, in a word, electric," wrote Anne Midgette in the New York Times of August 4, 2002.
Dmitri Hvorostovsky's compact disc I Met You, My Love, which can be ordered from and from, contains the following selections:

1. I met you (
Ya vstretil vas) (Russian traditional)

2. Yes, I Love So Ardently, But You
Composed by A. Shishkin

3. Only once in a lifetime
Composed by B. Fomin

4. The Night Is Bright
Composed by M. Shishkin

5. I Remember That Wonderful Sound of the Waltz
Composed by N. Listov

6. Oh, Could I in Song Tell My Sorrow
Composed by Leonid Dimitrievitch Malashkin

7. Do Not Evoke My Dreams (
Ne probuzhday vospominaniy)
Composed by Piotr Petrovich Bulakhov

8. Song of the Coachman
Composed by Alexander L'vovich Gurilyov

V pole shirokom (In the Wide Open Field)
Composed by Piotr Petrovich Bulakhov

Odnozvuchno gremit kolokol'chik (The Lonely Coach Bell Rings)
Composed by Alexander L'vovich Gurilyov

11. On misty morning
Composed by W. Abas

No ya Vas fsio-taki liubliu (But I Love You, Nevertheless) (Anonymous)

Troyka mchitsa, troyka skachet (The Troika Speeds, the Troika Gallops)
Composed by Piotr Petrovich Bulakhov

14. The Autumn Wind Moans
Composed by Mikhailov

V chas rokovoy (At That Fateful Hour) (Anonymous)

16. I Loved You
Composed by Sheremetiev

Dremliut plakuchiye iv� (The Weeping Willows Slumber)
Composed by B. B.

Vam ne poniat' (You Cannot Understand)
Composed by Alexander L'vovich Gurilyov


19. Shine On, O Star of Mine (
Gori, gori, moya zvezda)
Composed by Piotr Petrovich Bulakhov
IlTrovatore DVD for United Kingdom
October 16, 2002, is Dmitri Hvorostosky's fortieth birthday, reports Russian Information Agency Novosti.
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Dmitir Hvorostovsky had a "startlingly carnal presence" as Giorgio Germont in La Traviata at the Metropolitan Opera, wrote Justin Davidson for of October 2, 2003.
Where Are You, My Brothers?, a compact disc of Russian songs from "war years" of the twentieth century, was released at on 1 December 2003.

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Recital review, Washington Post, March 29, 2004