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A Deutsche Grammophon recording of Handel's Hercules with Gidon Saks, Anne Sofie von Otter, Lynne Dawson, David Daniels, and Richard Croft, conducted by Marc Minkowski, can be ordered from fnac.com in France.

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from amazon.fr.

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Hercules was released at amazon.com on April 2, 2002.
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"[N]owhere in classical music will you find so many cute boys at a concert," wrote James Jorden for lgny.com about David Daniels' March 6, 2002, debut with the New York Philharmonic.  "The countertenor superstar didnít disappoint his fans."
A review , in Dutch, of the Hercules recording refers to David Daniels as "de wondercountertenor David Daniels."
On May 30, 2002, David Daniels gave a recital in Berkeley,California, where he performed works by Handel and Ravel and a new cycle by composer Theodore Morrison, accompanied by pianist Martin Katz.  San Francisco Chronicle review.
"Not that this production will be historical in the baroque, powdered-wig sort of way, but this is the most traditional staging of 'Cesare' I've done in a long time -- so in a sense it will be something new for me," Daniels observes as quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle of June 13, 2002, about upcoming performances in San Francisco. "It's exciting to be wearing a wig, sword and armor in this role."

San Francisco Chronicle review

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"While the Fanatic was taken aback by the almost Beatle-mania like adoration that David Daniels elicits in his fans, the Fanatic recognizes that David Daniels belongs in the top tier of Singer/Artists today."--from review by NYC Opera Fanatic of November 23, 2002, Carnegie Hall recital.

"This was a compelling, even exhilarating recital," wrote Anne Midgette about the recital, in the
New York Times of November 28, 2002.
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"Daniels's voice has ripened in the past couple of years -- it's now dark but not plummy, sounding at times quite startlingly like the mezzo-soprano of Janet Baker in her prime -- and he uses it not to show off his flashy technique, but to express feelings of the utmost intensity," wrote Terry Teachout of the Washington Post about the Carnegie Hall recital.
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A DVD of Handel's Rinaldo with David Daniels and Deborah York, with Region 2 encoding for Europe, the Middle East, and Japan, has been released at amazon.co.uk.

For the United States, the DVD was released at
amazon.com on November 11, 2003.
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The DVD version of the staged Glyndebourne production (1996) of Handel's Theodora is scheduled for release in late June 2004 at amazon.com and amazon.co.uk.
David Daniels is scheduled to give a recital on Friday January 28, 2005, at 8 p.m. at Jordan Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, as part of the FleetBoston Celebrity Series (or Bank of America Celebrity Series as it may come to be called).