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According to a page at Wikipedia, and I don't vouch for its accuracy on any particular point, "Nantucket Reds are a style of trousers produced by Murray's Toggery Shop, located on the islands of Nantucket and formerly on Martha's Vineyard until January 2009. . . .

"The pants were originally an adapted form of the uniforms worn by the New York Yacht Club. Nantucket Reds are unique in that they fade to a light pink as they age. Since their inception, the cotton canvas pants have been marketed as shorts, and the trademark salmon red color has been used on hats, shirts, sweaters and socks. During the summers of 2005 and 2006 there was an attempt [to] introduce Nantucket Reds to the mainstream by the retailer J. Crew. Nantucket Reds are worn predominately by summer residents of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard."



Sometimes one will see the term "Nantucket red" used to refer to the color of an article of clothing, but with no implication as to the fabric.


"Nantucket red pants are the next preppy-pants extreme beyond now-sexy khakis," said New York Magazine on May 24, 2010.






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