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Activeman Swimmer Jockstrap,


Get back to the Gym with this traditional athletic supporter from Flarico. The plush 1-1/4 inch waistband and 1 inch leg straps ensure comfort and support for all your best assets!

Flarico has been manufacturing jocks since 1898 offering a top quality product for a no nonsense price.



McDavid Two Pack Swim Supporter,

Flarico Swim Supporter, Jockstrap Central

White - 65% Poly 35% rubber elastic

When you hear the words Classic Jock most people think Bike but Flarico deserves the classic title as well making jockstraps under the John B. Flaherty Company name since the late 1800s.

This swimmer jockstrap has a full 6 1/2 inch width shrink resistant knitted pouch with 3/4 inch leg straps and a modest 1 1/4 inch heat resistant surgical elastic waistband.

Omtex Aqua Jockstrap,

Off-White - 95% cotton 5% lycra