John Rutter
John Rutter was born in London in 1945.
According to Andrew Stewart in Classic FM of December 2002, John "Rutter is possibly the most-performed living composer of choral music."
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Gloria - The Sacred Music Of John Rutter / Cambridge Singers
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Rutter's Gloria is a popular choice to relax birthing mothers.  "They've pushed to the sound of the Gloria," he said as quoted in Classic FM of December 2002.
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Gloria:  The sacred music of John Rutter
John Rutter, the Cambridge Singers, and the City of London Sinfonia perform on a compact disc entitled Mass of the Children released on 1 September 2003.  The contents of the disc are:

1. Mass of the Children
2. Look at the world (1996)
3. To every thing there is a season (1997)
4. Wings of the morning(2002)
5. A Clare Benediction (1998)
6. I will sing with the spirit (1994)
7. Musica Dei donum (1998)
8. I my Best-Belovedís am (2000)
9. Come down, O Love divine (1998)
Rutter: Requiem, Magnificat / Rutter, Cambridge Singers,