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Books about Provincetown, Massachusetts
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Ptown:  Art, Sex, and Money on the Outer Cape,
by Peter Manso

Ptown, a book about Provincetown, contains some general history and description of the town, but is principally a book of stories about a few residents of the town in recent decades.  The book is interesting reading, at least for people familiar with the town who are not put off by the author's thesis.   The thesis is that Provincetown is changing for the worse, because of the influx of wealthy gay men and lesbians who are buying houses and bidding up the price of real estate.  Provincetown is becoming a place where only the rich can afford to buy property, and where artists and ordinary heterosexual families are being priced out.  The town is losing diversity as it is becoming dominated by gays and lesbians who wish to exclude others, according to the author.  Some of the authors' presentation of lesbians is especially negative.

The book can be ordered from
Churches in Provincetown
"This year's book [about Provincetown] is by Karen Christel Krahulik and is simply titled Provincetown: From Pilgrim Landing To Gay Resort and is a bit academic but gives a rich background on the town's diverse make-up," says towleroad on July 11, 2005.