New releases on compact disc
of interest to opera fans
February 2002
The dates shown are for scheduled release in the United States.
February 5, 2002
Lehar. La Veuve Joyeuse.  Music from the Merry Widow in French. 
LeharLe Pays des Sourires.  Music from The Land of Smiles in French.
Many new releases are actually re-releases.
CDnow has announced the release of Maria Callas:  One Year, One Voice 1949 for February 5, 2002.
February 12, 2002
An Erna Berger "Singers" compact disc is set for release in the United States on February 12, 2002, according to CDnow.
CDnow has announced that a recording of Rabaud's Marouf is scheduled for reissue on February 26, 2002, with Henri Legay, Lina Dachary, and Janine Capderou, conducted by Pierre-Michel Le Conte.  I have read that the recording is from a French radio broadcast in 1964.
February 26, 2002