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Singers: Simon Keenlyside

Sunday, 28 February 2010, 5:00 p.m.
Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York

Simon Keenlyside (baritone)
Pedja Muzijevic (piano)

Schumann: Dichterliebe, Op. 48

In wunderschönen Monat Mai
Aus meinen Tränen sprießen
Die Rose, die Lilie, die Taube
Wenn ich in deine Augen seh'
Ich will meine Seele tauchen
Im Rhein, im heiligen Strome
Ich grolle nicht
Und wüßten's die Blumen
Das ist ein Flöten und Geigen
Hör' ich Liedchen klingen
Ein Jüngling liebt ein Mädchen
Am leuchtenden Sommermorgen
Ich hab' im Traum geweinet
Allnächtlich im Traume
Aus alten Märchen
Die alten, bösen Lieder

Wolf: Four Lieder on poems by Eduard Mörike

Gesang Weylas
Auf eine Christblume II
Lied vom Winde

Schubert: Nine Lieder

An Sylvia
Die Einsiedelei
Freiwilliges Versinken
Gruppe aus dem Tartarus
Die Sterne
Auf der Bruck

There were three encores:

1. Wolf: Um Mitternacht

2. I did not catch what the second encore song was, but I believe it made some reference to a cricket. The song might have been Schubert's Der Einsame, but I can't say with certainty.

3. Schubert: Nachtviolen

Mr. Keenlyside dedicated the third encore to his daughter about to be born halfway around the world.

Mr. Keenlyside wore a three-piece suit, with six buttons on the vest, along with a white shirt, maroon tie, and black shoes. He was wearing a wedding ring. When he came out he had a white pocket handkerchief in the jacket pocket. About two thirds of the way through Dichterliebe he took the handkerchief out of the pocket, used it to wipe his forehead, and then put it into the piano. He wore another handkerchief after the intermission, but pulled the first handkerchief out of the piano at one time to wipe his forehead. Eventually both handkerchiefs had been used and had ended up in the piano.

He looked well rested, not jet-lagged or whatever. His hair looked clean and was combed somewhat onto the upper part of his forehead. People have commented in the past on his seeming nervous at recitals, but I would not describe his behavior as nervous. Whatever gestures or movement he made seemed appropriate at the time.

The audience was attentive and behaved well. People generally managed to limit their coughing to the breaks between songs. A woman two seats to my left occasionally coughed, usually during a break between songs. Three fussy-looking older men in the row ahead of me, a little to my right, would turn their heads and glare at her when she coughed. If looks could kill, she would not have been alive at the end of the performance.

The program featured the sort of song repertory that Mr. Keenlyside does best. His performance was excellent, as was that of the pianist Mr. Muzijevic.


Simon Keenlyside: Alice Tully Hall, New York, 28th February 2010, reviewed by Anthony Tommasini, New York Times




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