The Cranberries' album Wake Up and Smell the Coffee was released in the United States on  October 23, 2001. Comparing it to an earlier Cranberries album, singer Dolores O'Riordan wrote, "It's a far cry from To the Faithful Departed, but life is short and meant to be enjoyed."

Dolores O'Riordan told Steve Morse of the Boston
Globe that you can't get depressed about recent events in the world.  Morse wrote that in the past O'Riordan has encountered a different kind of depression, "a reliance on alcohol, which she was able to eschew before the last, aptly named album Bury the Hatchet."

About the new CD, Morse wrote in the Boston Globe of October 19, 2001:   "Musically, the album is tighter and more energetic than the last CD, and though more consistently blissed-out lyrically, it still has some trademark Cranberries social consciousness in "Time is Ticking Out," which makes reference to the ozone layer, Chernobyl, and indifferent politicians."
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