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Singers: Sarah Connolly

Delightful recital April 14, 2011, 7:30 p.m., at Alice Tully Hall, New York, from Sarah Connolly, mezzo-soprano, and Malcolm Martineau, piano. The program was a little different from what Lincoln Center had previously announced. The program was as follows:

SCHUMANN Three Lieder from Myrthen
Die Lotosblume
Hochländisches Wiegenlied

SCHUMANN Gedichte der Königin Maria Stuart

SCHUMANN Frauenliebe und -leben


HOWELLS Come Sing and Dance
King David

GURNEY By a bierside

BRITTEN A Charm of Lullabies

BENNETT A History of the Thé Dansant

MULDOWNEY In Paris with You


Zachary Woolfe, for the New York Times writes about Sarah Connolly's recital, that "she achieved profound ends through the simplest of means, showing the instincts and communicative power of a born performer during a masterly recital on Thursday at Alice Tully Hall, accompanied by the excellent pianist Malcolm Martineau.

"Ms. Connolly's voice was strong and steady through its range, velvety, but with a soft, subtle graininess that gave weight and presence to even her most ethereal floated notes. Her diction was clear, her phrasing natural. You were not aware of any calculated artistry. She just sang."


Review, Vocal Supporter