If you are looking for a book to read in Spanish that isn’t a serious (or pretentious) work of literature, I’d suggest A La Caza del León by Jorge Ramos, a newsman on the television network Univisión.

The book contains excerpts from interviews with former Mexican president Carlos Salinas, current Mexican president Vicente Fox, unsuccessful Mexican presidential candidate Francisco Labastida, American president George W. Bush, unsuccessful American presidential candidate Al Gore, Puerto Rican independentista Rubén Barrios, and Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez.  Ramos also furnishes some interesting background material about the Mexican presidential election in which the ruling party lost after seventy-one years of rule, and about opposition in Puerto Rico to the American military’s use of the island of Vieques for testing armaments.  It would have been helpful to say more to explain the political and economic situation in Venezuela.  President Chávez did not come across very well in his interview (he seemed somewhat hostile and repetitive), but I wouldn’t want to judge a politician on the basis of one interview without knowing much about his performance in office.  Ramos fills out the book with some pleasant essays about topics such as cellular phones and the internet.

On the whole, I found the book very pleasant and interesting reading.

--John Pierce
A La Caza del León by Jorge Ramos
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