Books on Chinese ceramics
Chinese Glazes: Their Origins, Chemistry and Recreation
by Nigel Wood

". . . an exhaustive study of both high and low temperature glazes; in a clear, straightforward manner, Wood explains how old recipes can be transcribed for today's raw materials. In a well-documented text, beautifully illustrated by both color and black-and-white photographs, Wood describes Chinese ceramic development, from the Bronze Age through the Tang and Song dynasty monochrome stoneware glazes, to the fine porcelains of Southern China."--Choice Magazine

Chinese Potter
by Margaret Medley

An historical examination of Chinese ceramics.

Earth Transformed: Chinese Ceramics in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
by Wu Tung

Designed for the general reader, the book offers a selection of 78 objects, beautifully photographed in full color, with individual entries focusing on the aesthetic experiece they evoke and the cultural context that produced them.

Song Dynasty Ceramics (Victoria & Albert Museum Far Eastern Series)
by Rose Kerr

Survey of ceramics from China's Song Dynasty (960-1279).

Chinese Porcelain: Art, Elegance, and Appreciation (Art of China)
by Kelun Chen