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Sober for Good : New Solutions for Drinking Problems -- Advice from Those Who Have Succeeded by Anne M. Fletcher

The author resolved her own alcohol problem without Alcoholics Anonymous. For this book she interviewed 222 people who had successfully overcome their alcohol problems to learn how they got and stayed sober. Many found sobriety through AA, but the majority used alternative solutions.


Alcohol: How to Give It Up and Be Glad You Did by Philip Tate, Ph.D.

The author describes himself as a "rational-emotive behavior therapist."


How to Quit Drinking Without AA: A Complete Self-Help Guide by Jerry Dorsman

"Quit drinking on your own terms," says Jerry Dorsman, addictions counselor and an alcoholic in recovery for over 16 years.


Addiction Is a Choice (Paperback) by Jeffrey A. Schaler

Argues that addiction is not a disease and that one does not need a higher power for recovery.

The Easy Way to Stop Drinking, by Allen Carr

Product Description

Carr offers a startling new view of why we drink and how we can escape the addiction. Step by step, with devastating clarity and simplicity, he applies the Easyway™ method, dispelling all the illusions that surround the subject of drinking and that can make it almost impossible to imagine a life without alcohol. Only when we step away from all these supposed pleasures and understand how we are being duped to believe we are receiving real benefits can we begin to live our lives free from any desire or need for drinking. The Easyway™ method centers on removing the psychological need to drink�while the drinker is still drinking. Following the Easyway™:

You will not need willpower
You will not feel deprived
You will lose your fear of withdrawal pangs
You will enjoy social occasions more
You will be better equipped to handle stress

The Easy Way to Stop Drinking is a landmark work that offers a simple and painless solution to anyone who wants to escape from dependency on alcohol without feeling deprived.

When AA Doesn't Work for You: Rational Steps to Quitting Alcohol by Albert Ellis and Emmett Velten


Turnabout: New Help for the Woman Alcoholic by Jean Kirkpatrick

Jean Kirkpatrick, founder of the pioneering international program Women for Sobriety, Inc., tells the story of her recovery from alcoholism. She has developed her own Thirteen Empowering Statements of Acceptance.