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Amor ti vieta di non amar

"Amor ti vieta" is a tenor aria from the opera Fedora by Umberto Giordano.

Count Loris Ipanoff has the feeling that the princess Fedora Romazoff loves him, despite her belief that he killed her fiancé.

Amor ti vieta di non amar.
La man tua lieve che mi respinge,
cerca la stretta della mia man;
la tua pupilla esprime: "T'amo"
se il labbro dice:
"Non t'amerò!"

Love forbids you not to love.
Your light hand that rejects me,
seeks the touch of my hand;
your pupil (i.e., the pupil of your eye) expresses: "I love you," even if the lip says: "I shall not love you."

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