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The New York Post of September 20, 2001, reports that "MICHAEL Amante . . .  wowed the crowd at Rao's Monday night with an impromptu performance. Amante, who was eating with manager/TV producer Sonny Grosso, "Carlito's Way" author Edwin Torres and actor Tony LoBianco, brought the house down with with his renditions of classic arias."
According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, Michael Amante was known as Michael Stobnicke when younger.
"Amante was first turned on to opera by a choir director who one day played him a recording of the great Swedish tenor Jussi Bjorling singing the famous aria 'Una furtiva lagrima' from Donizetti's 'The Elixir of Love.' Amante fell in love with this music--who doesn't?--and quickly learned the aria.

"Having fallen for it himself, Amante is well aware of the almost magical power the tenor voice has for so many.

"'I personally believe the aural range that the tenor sings in is the easiest to listen to for long periods of time. . . . I also think music written for tenor, especially classical music, is some of the most beautiful in the world.  When you hear somebody who can really sing, like
Pavarotti or myself'--Amante chuckled slyly at his own comparison--'sing a high C or even higher, it's thrilling.'"--from an article by T. J. Medrek in the Boston Herald of March 7, 2003.
Michael Amante - Tell Her I Love Her - Be My Love (USA)
Michael Amante - Tell Her I Love Her - Be My Love